There’s a Princess in the Palace


Follow the genetic trail of five princesses from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, all related, as they discover themselves and what they are all about.

“This will enter the rotation of bedtime favorites.” —Publishers Weekly, starred

“Marvelous for anyone with a wry sense of humor, There’s a Princess in the Palace deserves a place in every library.” —School Library Journal, starred

“Within a graphic-novel format, the tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Frog Prince and the Princess and the Pea develop familial and hilarious interconnections while retaining the stories’ traditional structures…Smartly hysterical.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred

“Delightfully fractured even after reconstructive surgery, this run-on fairy tale would find itself on the shelf between War on Peas and One Hundred Years of Sillitude if it wasn’t so much fun to read.” —David Macauley

“As in their previous joint outing (There’s a Wolf at the Door), author and illustrator acknowledge this huge undertaking with an oversized book that begs groups of children to gather round, find a number of amusing details in the smartly rendered comic-book panels, and share the puns and jokes.” —The Horn Book

“The Alleys cleverly intertwine the tales of Cinderella, the princess and the pea, Snow White, the frog prince, and Sleeping Beauty into a fractured and delightfully bewitched royal family record.” —Booklist

  • Children’s Book of the Month Club selection, 2010
  • Junior Library Guild selection, 2010

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